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HVAC Replacement: Your Top 10 Questions Answered

HVAC System

When you’re cozying up in your home in the heart of Rockville, or anywhere in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC, the last thing you want to fret about is your HVAC system. However, as homeowners, there will come a time when you might consider replacing it. With such a significant decision comes several essential questions. Let Davis Ford Heating & Air Conditioning guide you through the process with answers that address your biggest concerns.

TOP 10 HVAC Replacement Questions Answered

1. Is My HVAC System Past its Prime or Just in Need of Repair?

First and foremost, many homeowners wonder whether a repair can extend the life of their current system. While repairs can sometimes do the trick, there are cases where replacement offers a more cost-effective and efficient solution in the long run. Our team is dedicated to helping you make the most informed decision. One of the reasons we offer free preventative maintenance is that it gives us an opportunity to assess your system and let you know when it is time to start budgeting for a new unit. We understand this is a big purchase and we want to make it as pain-free as possible.

2. Crunching Numbers: What’s the Cost of a New HVAC?

The investment in a new HVAC system includes the unit(s), accessories, and installation. Costs can vary based on the system’s size, features, and efficiencies but rest assured, at Davis Ford Heating & Air Conditioning, we prioritize providing value at competitive rates. We also offer payment plans.

3. Finding the Perfect Fit: Which Size is Right for My Home?

Choosing the right size for your HVAC unit is like picking out the perfect pair of shoes. If they’re too big or too small, they won’t work comfortably. Here’s a simple guide to understand the basics:

  • Consider Your Home’s Size

Think of your house like a container. A smaller container (or house) will need less air to fill it, while a larger one will need more. Measure your home’s square footage. As a basic rule, for every 500-600 square feet of space, you might need about 1 ton of cooling.

  • Location, Location, Location 

Where you live matters. If you’re in a hotter climate, you’ll need more cooling power. Conversely, in colder regions, heating becomes the priority. So, for homes in places like Maryland, with scorching summers, a slightly larger unit might be beneficial.

  • How Many Windows and Doors?

Lots of windows and doors can mean more areas for cold or hot air to sneak in and out. If your home is more “leaky”, you might need a slightly bigger unit to compensate.

  • Insulation is Key

Think of insulation as your home’s winter jacket. A well-insulated home keeps its temperature better, so the HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard. If your house is well-insulated, you can often go with a smaller HVAC unit.

  • Seek Expert Advice

Size is an important consideration when it comes to HVAC systems. Too large, and you risk inefficiency. Too small, and it might not heat or cool your space effectively. Our skilled technicians can assess your home’s needs to recommend the ideal system size. 

4. Reputation Matters: Which HVAC Brands Are Top Tier?

With a myriad of brands available, we lean on our experience to suggest the most reliable options that offer exceptional performance. We invest heavily in our knowledge of many HVAC brands. Our favorite brand for many reasons is Amana. With their self-patented designs and lifetime warranties, how could we not? We want to offer our customers the most reliable, efficient, and best warranties we possibly can and Amana has exceeded those expectations. Additionally, Amana has done an exceptional job designing equipment to meet the DOE requirements for tax credits. 

5. Going Green: How Efficient Will My New System Be?

Modern HVAC systems come with impressive energy efficiency, which translates to environmental benefits and savings on your utility bills. Ask us about SEER2 ratings and the potential energy and tax savings you could enjoy.

6. Time is of the Essence: How Long Does Installation Take?

Every home is unique, but we pride ourselves on efficient installations that minimize disruptions to your daily life. Our expert installation crews can typically have your new system up and running in one day.

7. Peace of Mind: What Warranties Come With a New System?

Davis Ford Heating & Air Conditioning believes in the quality of our products, which is why robust warranties back most of the systems we offer. 

Amana offers lifetime compressor and heat exchanger warranties on mid-tier and higher-efficiency equipment in addition to the industry standard 10-year part warranty when systems are registered by authorized dealers.

Carrier and Bryant offer a 10-year part warranty when registered.

If systems are not registered, they get a 5-year warranty out of the box.

8. Maintaining Comfort: How Often Should I Schedule Maintenance?

Regular check-ups can significantly extend the lifespan of your HVAC system. We’re here to advise on the best maintenance schedule and practices. We offer (2) seasonal maintenances, one cooling and one heating maintenance as part of our Whole Home Maintenance Plan.

9. Savings and Incentives: Any Rebates for Energy-Efficient Systems?

Absolutely! Many regions, including ours, provide incentives for environmentally friendly HVAC upgrades. We can guide you on how to avail of these benefits.

10. Breathe Easy: How Will the Air Quality in My Home Improve?

With advanced filtration and purification features in modern HVAC systems, homeowners can look forward to improved air quality, especially those concerned about allergies or pet dander.

Why Trust Davis Ford Heating & Air Conditioning?

At Davis Ford, our dedication extends beyond just providing services. We invest significant time and resources into training our technicians. Our focus is not just on technical skills but also on the care and attention to detail required to ensure your HVAC system serves you optimally for years to come.

Your Next Step to HVAC Peace of Mind

Don’t let HVAC concerns keep you up at night. Lean on our expertise, commitment to quality, and our rich history of serving the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC regions. Whether you’re considering a replacement or just need advice, reach out to Davis Ford Heating & Air Conditioning. We’re here to ensure your home remains the cozy haven it should be.

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