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Level 1 vs Level 2 EV Chargers

As the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to rise, it’s important for homeowners to understand the different options for charging their vehicles. At Davis Ford, we specialize in EV Charging installations. Two of the most common options for home EV charging are “Level 1” (or 120-volt/drip) charging and “Level 2” (or 240-volt) charging.

Level 1 Charging (Drip Charging)

Level 1 charging, also known as “drip charging,” uses a standard 120-volt household outlet to slowly charge an EV battery. This type of charging is best suited for those who only drive their EV for short distances and don’t need to charge the vehicle often. Level 1 charging typically adds 2 to 5 miles of range per hour of charging, which means a full charge can take 12 to 20 hours.

Level 2 Charging (240-Volt Charging)

Level 2 charging, also known as 240-volt charging, uses a dedicated charging station that is installed in your garage or carport. This type of charging is faster than Level 1 charging and can add up to 25 miles of range per hour of charging. Level 2 charging can fully charge most EVs in 4 to 8 hours, depending on the size of the battery.

Benefits of Level 2 Charging

The biggest advantage of Level 2 charging is the faster charging time, which allows EV owners to quickly recharge their vehicles and get back on the road. Additionally, Level 2 charging stations are designed for frequent use and are more reliable and durable than a standard household outlet.

Cost Considerations

Level 1 charging is the most cost-effective option, as it simply requires a standard household outlet. Level 2 charging, on the other hand, requires the installation of a dedicated charging station, which can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,500, depending on the brand and model. However, many homeowners find that the convenience and faster charging times of Level 2 charging are worth the investment.

In Conclusion

The choice between Level 1 and Level 2 charging will depend on your driving habits and personal preferences. If you only drive your EV for short distances and don’t need to charge the vehicle often, Level 1 charging may be sufficient. However, if you’re looking for a faster and more convenient charging option, Level 2 charging is the way to go.

The best way to find out which option is right for you is to schedule a time for one of our expert technicians to come by for a Free Estimate. To schedule, head to the button below!

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