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Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats for HVAC Systems

With a Smart Thermostat from Davis Ford Heating & Air Conditioning, Experience Comfort and Monthly Savings All in One!

Smart thermostats are engineered to provide you optimal comfort when you’re home and ensure energy isn’t wasted when you’re away. These intuitive devices offer the flexibility to set distinct temperatures for different times of the year, aligning seamlessly with your daily activities, work routines, and rest periods.

Did you know that an average home spends upwards of $2,000 annually on energy, with a significant chunk of this going to heating and AC expenses? With Davis Ford’s smart thermostat, you not only gain mastery over your HVAC system’s efficiency but can also see savings averaging $180 annually on your energy expenditures.

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Which Smart Thermostat is the Perfect Fit for Your Home?

At its core, each smart thermostat offered by Davis Ford comes with tailored settings, ensuring your chosen temperatures are maintained with precision. Many of our top-tier models are also equipped with advanced features such as:

  • Crystal-clear, backlit displays
  • Intuitive touch pad screen controls
  • Voice command and/or mobile phone adjustments
  • Hold/Vacation modes for prolonged absences
  • Reminders for timely air filter replacements
  • Alerts for any HVAC system discrepancies
  • Adaptive Recovery features, which intelligently assess how long it’ll take to achieve your next desired temperature, ensuring your home feels just right, right on time.
How to Determine the Ideal Smart Thermostat for Your Lifestyle?

When selecting the perfect smart thermostat for your home, it’s essential to reflect on your daily routines. How often are you out of the house for consistent durations – for work, school, or other activities? From there, you can assess which of the three primary models aligns best with your lifestyle: the 7-day, 5+2-day, or the 5-1-1-day.

  • 7-day models are ideal if your routines vary throughout the week. For instance, if children are home earlier on particular days. This model grants you the utmost adaptability, permitting distinct settings for each day, typically with up to four temperature intervals daily.
  • 5+2-day models maintain a consistent temperature setting throughout the weekdays, transitioning to a different setting for weekends.
  • 5-1-1 models shine if your weekdays follow a similar pattern, but your weekend days have distinct schedules.

Davis Ford’s smart thermostats are not just about comfort; they’re also about savings and efficiency!

The Final Verdict?

Investing in a smart thermostat from Davis Ford ensures enhanced indoor comfort, environmental responsibility with mercury-free products, and palpable savings on your utility bills.

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