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Inflation Reduction Act: How to Make the Most of it

The Inflation Reduction Act, passed by the U.S. government has finally gone into effect in 2023. The purpose of the Inflation Reduction Act is to help reduce inflation, decrease carbon emissions, and more. As a result, by installing certified Energy Star home heating and cooling products from companies like Davis Ford Mechanical, you will be eligible for some nice tax rebates.

  • Among eligible homeowner tax credits are:
  • Up to 30% of installation cost for the highest efficiency tier products
  • Up to $600 for qualified air conditioners and furnaces
  • Up to $2,000 for qualified heat pumps
  • Up to 30% of installation cost of Energy Star geothermal heat pumps until 2032
    • The percent drops after to 26% in 2033 and 22% in 2034
  • Up to $8,000 for all electric heat pumps for eligible homeowners

These tax credits are designed to provide long term savings to homeowners who invest in their home’s comfort system. By choosing to invest in more energy efficient products, homeowners will not only save through tax rebates, but will also help reduce their carbon emissions. This is a rare win-win that allows homeowners to keep more money in their pockets while creating a more sustainable future for the environment.

If you want to learn more about which tax rebate eligible products will work for your home, talk with one of our expert technicians at Davis Ford Mechanical today. You can do that by calling 833-455-5127, or book a Free in-home estimate below!

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