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The Davis Ford Prime Maintenance Membership

the Davis Ford Prime Membership Offers homeowners total peace of Mind

Routine service is an often overlooked but crucial part of maintaining your heating and cooling system. Davis Ford’s Prime Membership covers all you need for both your air conditioner and furnace and gives you peace of mind.

When you sign up, you’re guaranteed two visits per year from one of our licensed and qualified technicians. During these visits, we’ll check your entire system and perform routine maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency and good operating conditions for the upcoming season.

Membership costs start at $199/year for the first system and $99/year for additional systems. Members receive 15% off parts, repairs and services* and priority service.

All Davis Ford Customers Receive a 1 Year Free Prime Membership when they spend $1,000 or more on our services*
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Prime Membership

    The Benefits


    Regular maintenance can decrease the risk of breakdowns by as much as 95%, reduce energy bills by up to 60%, and extend the life of your system.

    Cleaner air

    The EPA reports that indoor levels of airborne pollutants are often 2-5 times higher than outdoor levels (up to 100 times higher in some cases). Preventative maintenance helps to ensure your vents are clean and air well-filtered for your family.

    Maximum comfort

    Regular maintenance helps your system distribute warm or cool air evenly and steadily, so you don’t end up a with a perpetually hot or frigid zone in the house, weird smells, or random inefficiencies


    Seasonal service prepares your system for upcoming cold snaps and helps prevent the costly impacts of a heater that stops working when you need it most. It also includes a carbon monoxide check for potential hazards from a cracked or failed heat exchanger, and we’ll tell you about the benefits of a carbon monoxide detector in your home.

    Less environmental impact

    A well-maintained system consumes considerably less fuel — and that’s good for the planet. We can help you further reduce impact with a smart thermostat and solar energy — just ask!

    Peace of mind

    Your heating and cooling system is a large investment and long-term care should be part of your plan. It provides the ultimate comfort that when you need help, you’ve got the right team to make things as easy as possible.

    Our amazing Prime membership covers the following:

    • Check AC drainage and clear lines free of obstructions that can cause backups and flooding.
    • Confirm that your condensation pumps are operating properly in your HVAC systems.
    • Change air filters provided by customer.
    • Adjust any dampers on your system by the season.
    • Check all high voltage connections, circuits and fuses for HVAC system.
    • Check all low voltage connections, circuits and fuses for HVAC system.
    • Confirm the sequence of operations for cooling and heating cycles by season.
    • Inspect heat exchangers for rust, cracks and any compromises.
    • Clean flame rectifier on gas furnace and record readings.
    • Confirm system meets all local code requirements.
    • Inspect evaporator and condenser coils for cleanliness and restrictions.
    • Check thermostat operations.
    • Inspect refrigeration system with non-invasive methods.
    • Inspect and record all compressor, fan and blower amperages.
    • Check all electrical components such as run capacitors, start capacitors, contactors, relays, circuit boards etc.
    • Check system delta T and temperature rise.
    • Confirm system is operating within the manufactures specified tolerances.
    • Check Indoor unit (air handler or gas furnace) cleanliness.
    • Check blower wheel.
    • Visually inspect your Water Heater for any signs of trouble.
    *Davis Ford Prime Members receive 15% off parts, repairs and services (new system sales not included).
    Note:  Accessories such as humidifiers, UV lights, Air cleaners, Dehumidifiers and ERV’s can be added onto the annual agreement if applicable.